What makes an authentic Sneaker Head?

What makes an authentic Sneaker Head? Recently, I’ve been getting this question more and more, and my answers have been fairly consistent.

What makes an authentic sneaker head in my opinion, is the sneaker enthusiast that shows loyalty to what they truly like. People who don’t do it for the hype or social media fame, but purely out of passion and respect for the sneaker game. In most cases, “hype beasts” will go after whatever is socially hyped or paired with the highest price tag on the market and flip it for a pretty penny.

Our society puts people into different classes or social groups, which, in the sneaker culture is no different. We see kids from upper class families easily acquiring the financial support necessary to purchase these highly coveted pairs or even every sneaker release. Meanwhile, there are individuals from lower class income families that require saving first for that upcoming release.

So how do we measure who has more passion for the culture? Is it the guy who saves $20 a week for weeks to score that special pair?, or is it the kid that acquires every pair with very little effort? It’s quite possible the hype beast has just as much passion as the guy who grinds for his collection. It’s a debate that will go on and on for years to come.

I recently read an article entitled “The hype beast ruined the sneaker game”, which I found extremely harsh in my opinion. I think most people criticize “hype beasts” simply out of envy. Whether it be for the hype, your love for that sneaker you call your “grails”, sneakers that are limited and/or hyped enough to flip for a quick profit, or just because you simply collect every colourway and edition of a sneaker brand you’re passionate about; In my opinion, we just have to remember that people come from different classes in life who may also have different purposes for buying sneakers.

Having the passion and love for collecting and purchasing sneakers isn’t the easiest hobby there is, and we all know that by heart. What we suggest? Simply stay in your lane and buy what you can afford and like, whether its a hyped pair, just another pair to add to your collection, or a sneaker you tag as your grails.

Although social media platforms provide a great deal of information regarding sneakers. From On Feet images and videos to sneaker reviews and previews, don’t let it dictate your personal taste in sneakers. We can’t reiterate it enough when we say, wear what you truly like! At the end of the day, if you’re fuelled by your passion for sneakers, no one should question your love for the sneaker game, regardless of what you got on feet.

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