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After successfully pulling off “The Ultimate Sneaker Show” in Montreal, we can definitely say with confidence, Montreal’s got sole.DSCF4538

It wasn’t our biggest show, but for our first time in Montreal we easily achieved our goal of establishing Sole Exchange Canada outside of Ontario.  Montreal was selected as our first stop due to its ranking as one of Canada’s top sneaker/fashion cities.  After witnessing the energy and enthusiasm inside Plaza Centre Ville, we were happy to bring their sneaker community together and thrilled to announce we’ll be back for 2016.DSCF4857

The event was packed with some of the most coveted sneakers on the market, the latest in urban fashion and today’s popular trends.
To no surprise the balance board was amongst the top selling items, along with Jordan’s, Yeezy’s and balenciaga’s to highlight an amazing day with Montreal’s sneaker community.  We were able to successfully Auction several pairs for our vendors and participating attendees, each time a new pair was announced the excitement for another sale would build.

The event featured sneaker heads of all ages, but we were most impressed by the younger crowd, and without a doubt the sneaker culture in Montreal is looking at a bright future.  There’s a crew of young collectors with amazing negotiating skills led by Max Ehrlich, whom before his 18th birthday is already a well known collector in the city.  We were also thrilled to have the biggest collector in FullSizeRender
Montreal join us, Toddy Flores stuffed his Porsche with as many pairs possible and arrived just in time for the steals and deals of The Ultimate Sneaker Show.  IMG_1688






A few vendors from Toronto also made the trip to Montreal, including regulars of The Ultimate Sneaker Show such as; Cake&Carats, OG Movement, Tdot Customs, and Carlo Hua. Mr Hua certainly made himself busy for the day, purchasing a total of 30 pairs during the show, he made it clear he was there to shop.  We were also humbled to have Zeevy Customs join us once again, the trip from Vancouver to DSCF4820wherever we are is becoming a regular for Zeevy and Lady Conceptz. A stand out name on the custom sneaker scene, he’s developed a reputation for unveiling something new at each of our past events, this time around it was a custom pair of Jordan Shinigami 10s for the beautiful Hello Cookie.

Montreal was also well represented, Vingt Trois is a well known consignment shop in the city, alongside MadOnes Clothing, they last made the journey from Montreal to our past show in Toronto.  We were very thankful for their encouragement and assistance, which made it so much easier for us to tackle Montreal. Other vendors from the Montreal area included Selapakmtl customs, Sneaker Champloo, NRopesMTL, Field Supply Company, RepBoxx, Cid The Kicks, and Sneakerboi Lloyd.

Thank you to our sponsors Tight Wipes Canada, Sneaker Shields, KMF, KicksMTL, The Brag Affair, and our close friends Cake&Carats. We appreciate the support and contribution towards this venture. A major thank you to Sam Tabak for the giveaways and being a part of our event. We’ll look to grow from this amazing experience and we thank you Montreal for an amazing fun filled show. In 2016, let’s do it again.


Sole Exchange Canada



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